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If you would like to become partner of the “Moscow Virtuosi” and support our artistic projects, contact us via promo@mvco.ru

Department of Culture of Moscow

Department of Culture of Moscow is an executive authority of the Moscow City Government. Department of Culture is responsible for developing municipal targeted programmes in culture and the arts; acting, in accordance with established procedure, as a government contracting authority in the development and implementation of targeted programmes in culture, the delivery of goods and provision of services in response to state requirements pertaining to culture; performing functions for the development and implementation of state policy in the field of culture.
The Department is the founder of the State chamber orchestra “Moscow Virtuosi”.

Russian Railways is a strategic player in the Russian economy in terms of its financial leverage and social importance. At the same time, the Company has long been a vital link between East, West, North and South Eurasia. With an ambitious strategy of reform that is still under way, Russian Railways is now aiming to win new positions on the global transport market. Russian Railways is entirely state-owned and has a monopoly on passenger and cargo transportation within Russia. The Company carries nearly 1.3 billion passengers and1.3 billion tonnes of freight annually, accounting for over 3.6% of Russia’s GDP and handling around 80% of all transportation in the country. Russian Railways has an unshakable position on the logistics market and is one of the biggest transport companies in the world, with a network of 85,500 km of track across Russia’s 11 time zones, second only to the USA.

ОАО «Центральный Телеграф» — один из ведущих операторов связи России с полуторавековой историей. Деятельность предприятия неразрывно связана с развитием связи в России — это одна из тех компаний, которая заложила фундамент телекоммуникационной отрасли страны.

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